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Avoid them at all costs: 10 worst cities to live

Avoid them at all costs: 10 worst cities to live

Mercer, one of the largest human resources consulting, recently published a list of cities with the worst living conditions, composed according to the Index of quality of life.

Some of the factors that influenced the ranking of cities are: political stability, crime rates, the level of law enforcement, banking services , censorship and freedom of the media, the degree of limitation of personal freedom, health services, the level of the infectious disease, the extent and quality of sewage systems, air pollution, natural disasters, the quality of public transport, availability of electricity, and food and drinking water ...

We present a list of 10 worst cities for life:

10th Conakry, Guinea

Personal Safety inhabitants is quite vulnerable in this city - rocked by violent crime, protests and strikes.

9th Kinshasa, Congo

While in Kinshasa 'flourish' national conflicts, many non-governmental organizations are trying to alleviate the problem by sending a packet first aid and food.

8th Brazzaville, Congo

Widespread corruption has caused fierce protests in the city, during which police killed several people.

7th Damascus, Syria

According to Mercer, 'continued violence and terrorist attacks are increasingly damaging svakodnevncu local population.

6th N'Djamena, Chad

This is one of the poorest cities in the world which ravaged the Islamist terrorist group Boko Hhram. This organization is known for its frequent suicide bombings in the city.

5th Khartoum,

Sudan'ssecond largest city in Sudan, and a key recruiting ground for new power Islamist state.

4th Port-au-Prince, Haiti

The city where the flower violent crime is extremely dangerous for tourists. Robbery and rape are everyday occurrences, while the rate of vengeful violence on the rise.

3rd Sana'a, Yemen

Yemen's largest city destroyed by airstrikes from Saudi Arabia in the indirect war between it and Iran.

2nd Bangui, Central African Republic

capital of the Central African Republic is so poor that many residents are surviving only thanks to foreign donations. In addition, violent sectarian clashes are common.

1st Baghdad, Iraq

Baghdad during several wars suffered tremendous damage to infrastructure and is known for its high rate of violence. An additional threat comes from Islamic countries.

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A gift for my dad

A gift for my dad

My dad’s 50th birthday is coming and me and my sister are thinking of a perfect present for him. He is a bit tough guy, and he is not amazed by stuff that he does not make use of. So in order to impress him we need to get him something that he needs really bad.

He is a passionate guy about a lot of stuff. He loves hiking, camping, riding his bicycle and fishing. He has his hobbies and he really enjoys them. Since we don’t live with our parents we have no insights into their lives anymore, so we need an inside man, or woman in this case. We told our mom that this year we want to surprise him with something that he really needs but we don’t have an idea what to get for him. If you ask me, I would just buy him something like Dark Souls 3 or something, but he is not into that stuff.

Talking to mom was a good idea. She told us he is grinding about his old generator for quite some time now. He loves that old thing, but he is too cheap to buy himself a new one. He will use everything until it breaks and it can’t be fixed anymore. So, we know what to buy him, but neither of us two know anything about generators. The only thing I know about generators is that they can be really loud, so I am going to try and find some quiet one. Luckily we live in the age of the internet so you can find everything online, and in this case I have found this website and I have saw something familiar (Honda J) and I ordered that fancy quiet generator. I can tell you they are not cheap, but I don’t really care.

His birthday is coming next Sunday and the present will arrive until then. I will wrap it up and put it in my car, so it looks like a real legit present. I know he will love it, but I really hope that I will be able to carry it.

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